Founded in 1981, Mary Ryan Gallery specializes in modern and post-war/contemporary prints and works on paper. We are a member of the Art Dealer’s Association of America (ADAA) and a founding member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). The gallery has continuously been open to the public since its founding, and is currently located in Chelsea on 26th Street overlooking the High Line. We have organized over 200 solo and group exhibitions, and have published numerous catalogues that have generated, and continue to further, important artistic legacies. In between exhibitions, there is a rotating selection of works by...


515 West 26th Street,
New York NY 10001
Featured in our first virtual viewing room for the ADAA, Mary Ryan Gallery is pleased to present a selection of drawings, prints and paintings by Donald Sultan. Featured are very recent drawings made by the artist in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and a two minute video of the artist working at his home in Sag Harbor, New York. In addition to Sultan's spring 2020 drawings, on view are a selection of Mimosas, Poppies, and Button flowers.

Born in Asheville, NC (1951) Sultan is an internationally recognized artist known for pushing the boundaries of the still life tradition through the deconstruction of his subjects into basic forms as well as his use of industrial materials. His use of the mimosa tree in his practice began while he worked in southern France, and he has used it to pursue his interrogation of the space between abstraction and representation, the organic and the industrial. Other important flower shapes in his practice are the poppy and the “button poppy,” a hybrid shape that melds the button and remembrance poppy motifs.