Nancy Hoffman Gallery opened in SoHo in 1972, among the first contemporary galleries downtown to show paintings, sculpture, drawings, photographs, video, and installations. In October 2008 after more than 35 years in SoHo the gallery moved to its new home at 520 West 27th Street in Chelsea—a light-filled space with majestically high ceilings and a sculpture garden. The Gallery maintains commitment, consistency and loyalty to its artists over the years. Some of the artists have shown with the gallery since 1972, others have joined the gallery in recent years. The artists come from Australia, China, France, England and the United...


520 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001


In celebration of the new season and of autumn, a group exhibition entitled Promising Views opens at Nancy Hoffman Gallery on September 10 and continues through October 31. Each work is filled with positive spirit and intent. All works are of a robust palette and are infused with the kind of energy color imparts, all convey a life enhancing message.

The show will include painting, sculpture, photographs, drawings, a range of media by gallery artists. There will be an air of celebration in the gallery as a result of the rich rainbow, a welcome to a fresh, new and better season. Paintings range from representational to abstract; sculptures from stone to steel to ceramic. Each artist will be represented by a few examples of his or her work.

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